Let's Go! Calikids

Calisthenics ranks fourth in the world at World Show Dance Championships!

Representing Australia at the 2017 IDO World Show Dance Championships, 34 performers and 3 coaches from Ceres Calisthenics Club took calisthenics to the international stage in Germany, placing fourth in the world out of 42 represented countries!

Principal Julie Jellis says “When I found out we had placed fourth in the world I think I laughed and cried all at the same time, it was so overwhelming”

Ceres performed in ten items over the course of the competition including the big production section where they placed fourth and combined three calisthenics items including March, Rods and Free Exercises.

The big production item was eight minutes in length, combined all age groups into one routine and was based on narrative, team work and pattern. “The competition gave calisthenics performers a chance to showcase their calisthenics skills on an international level” Says Julie.

Some of the parents even made “a last minute dash to get supplies, as new ideas sprung into the minds of the prop crew throughout the competition” says parent Lisa Campbell. “There were so many amazing dancers from all around the world, and to be able give my daughter the opportunity to experience a Dance Competition on a world stage, was something truly special”.

Sisters Jasmine and Abbey Knight said “it was a great experience dancing alongside international dancers and performers. We would definitely go again”