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Changes to Pupil Skills

FAQs for Skills

  1. Why are you moving to group assessments?

In 2018 the Victorian Skills Program had 1756 participants enter. The introduction of compulsory group assessments for Test 1 and 2 allows for the Victorian Skills Program to be sustainable in terms of its ability to schedule and cater for all skills entrants especially with the large numbers that Test 1 and 2 bring in.

  1. How many are in a group assessment?

Up to 12 participants with one supervising coaching who manages pupil placement on the floor only.

  1. What if a club has less than 12 members participating in a certain level? Will they be grouped with another club?

Yes groups will be formed often with mixes from different clubs.

  1. What does the coach do in the assessment?

Only one supervising coach can be in the room per each assessment – this coach is purely there to assist with traffic management and is not allowed to instruct candidates.

  1. How long does a group assessment go for?

Approximately 45 minutes.

  1. Is the syllabus the same as previous years for Test 1 and 2?

Yes the syllabus is exactly the same.

  1. Are candidates given an individual crit sheet?

No, group assessments do not produce an individual crit sheet, candidates receive either a satisfactory or standard not attained mark.

  1. Can a performer participate in solos if they have done a group assessment?

Yes, as long as they have achieved a satisfactory mark they are eligible to compete in solos/duos.