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CV 2018 State Champs Major Sponsor

Calisthenics Victoria and the Mt Evelyn and Montrose Districts Community Bank® are pleased to announce an exciting partnership supporting the Victorian calisthenics community.

The Victorian State Championships in 2018 will be sponsored by the Mt Evelyn and Montrose Districts Community Bank®.  The generous support of The Bank® will help us to deliver quality sporting experiences for you, our performers, coaches, clubs and community.

“After enjoying a strategic reset of the way calisthenics was administered in Victoria over the past few years, including the development and launch of a complete rebrand of the sport last year, we are a sport confident in what we offer our performers and community, as well as the broader business community,” said Liam Murphy, CEO of Calisthenics Victoria.

“We are extremely pleased that the team at Mt Evelyn and Montrose Districts Community Bank® have recognised this and want to partner and celebrate with us.

“As we develop our Strategic vision for the next 4 years, we will be driven by two key goals – increasing participation and raising our sports profile.  We know how great calisthenics is…and we want more Victorian’s to benefit from the unrivalled variety and value, the confidence and important life skills and the friendships and connections that being a calisthenics performer offers.

“We are committed to doing this collaboratively and strategically, and we know we can’t do it alone.  Partnering with The Bank® is one way we can help our community see, and be part of, the change.”

Mt Evelyn and Montrose Districts Community Bank® Chair, Terry Marshall is extremely proud of his Board’s vision and support of Calisthenics Victoria’s State Championships, and said “Our bank is all about the community.  Our model is based on community supporting community.  To be able to support the passionate and committed calisthenics community as they strive for change is a journey we look forward to.”

“There are a number of calisthenics clubs within our local community and to be able to support these young performers to achieve their dreams and gain enjoyment through their performances is a great privilege.”

The Bank® will also deliver a workshop through our December Club Development Workshop Series, around providing information on the best banking products and processes for clubs, and you may see a few of their team members at competition throughout the season.

If your club would like to find out more about how The Community Bank® can support you, please contact David Watt and his team at the Mt Evelyn and Montrose Districts Community Bank® on 9737 1433 or email him at .