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Have your say… Strategic plan stakeholder survey

Dear Cali Community

As we embark on our Strategic Planning journey for 2019-2021 I invite you to provide us with your feedback, ideas and dreams across a number of areas within calisthenics, to help set the direction for the development of our great sport into the future.

This stakeholder survey aims to capture information that will help us formulate our plan for the future and is your opportunity to let us know what you believe is important to focus on.

There are 8 topics within the survey and each topic has 4-5 questions that require a 1-5 rating, with 1 being “Not at all” and 5 being “Definitely”, and 2-3 questions that provide opportunity for you to give your feedback, comments and ideas.

I look forward to receiving your responses and creating a plan to grow, develop and deliver calisthenics in Victoria, and thank you in advance for your time.

Kind Regards

Liam Murphy, CEO

SURVEY LINK – https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/B6RMGRY