Let's Go! Calikids

Strategic Plan 2019-2022

Our Future:  Helping Australia to know and love calisthenics

It is with great excitement that we launch the Calisthenics Victoria Strategic Plan 2019-2022.

Our 4-year Plan is for a future where Australians know and love calisthenics…just as much as we do.

To achieve this, we will work together to get more people knowing about calisthenics and more people participating in this great sport of ours.  Our activities over the next four years will sit under four key priority areas:

  • Create our HOME – communities and facilities
  • Support our PEOPLE – listen and lead
  • Increase PARTICIPATION – programs and products
  • Deliver great EVENTS – entertain and inspire

We have also identified a clear vision, purpose and mission, as well as our values of Confidence, Courage, Community and Connection.  These values will become our cultural compass to guide us as we get on with the business of growing and developing our sport and supporting our community.

To ensure calisthenics is a thriving sport in the future we need to be innovative, adaptable and current.  As an organisation we have a solid foundation of strong leadership, sound financial management, a confident identity and a commitment to ensuring our community is well informed and it is now time for us to be bold, believe in the value of our sport and take the necessary actions to elevate calisthenics to become a well-known and enjoyed sport.

Whichever role, or roles, you play within our community, be that of a performer, coach, club administrator, volunteer, official or staff member, we hope that you can see our commitment to you within this Plan.

Calisthenics creates strong, confident leaders who take what they learn into their everyday lives.  These transferable life skills, together with the variety of activity that performers enjoy at each class, and the great coaches and clubs that deliver those learnings and experiences, make our sport unique and a great investment for families and individuals.

If you have any questions or comments, we welcome your feedback.  Please feel free to contact us at the office on 9562 6011 or via email at